Format: Feature film

Target: Family

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Status: Released in 2012

Available worldwide


Pilo is the youngest Molinet. He is about ten years old, and lives a quiet life with his mom in a town inside an asteroid which travels around planet Ankj .He lives his days playing with his friend Niza and visiting his grandpa Seblé, who loves telling stories and legends about their race and THE STAR MAKING MACHINE. Pilo yearns for the stars go blue, so he gets the chance to Join his grandpa in the great adventure of repairing THE MACHINE. Nevertheless, nobody in town seems to take seriously enough the Molinets’ stories, which does not discourage little Pilo, who keeps his enthusiasm and adventurous


19 is an automat robot, manager of XOE. A service station in a remote, asteroid of the galaxy. His function is to serve, be useful and have a goal. 19 does not stand his existence without a purpose, he`d rather destroy himself that having noe one to serve to. His only moral value is the one his master teaches him, and he follows it as if it was a sort of order or command. And so it is going to be in a moment given during the adventure, 19 will end up obeying evil Asura, just because he is in the need of feeling useful.


Jiva is a Pandabas, a jelly little criatures race, who realeases ligth. His future is in danger when he gets captured by Asura. Asura uses Jiva to extract his energy and commercialize it. Unexpectedly, Pilo will run into Jiva´s path and both will confront their destiny, greater than they had ever imagine.



Pilo is a 10 year old boy who lives with his mother in a small house, located in one of the asteroids of the belt that surrounds a giant blue planet. Every night Pilo stares at the stars from his balcony, waiting for them to dissapear from the sky. According to his granfather, there is a machine that generates stars every night, and if one day it goes off and stars go blue, a member of his family will be the one to repair the machine.

Pilo daydreams about the legend and looks forward to the day it comes true and real, so he can join his grandpa in repairing the machine. What he does not suspect is that when this happens, he will be on his own. This way, Pilo will experience a great adventure on his way to repairing the machine, so that the stars can go back to the ad infinitum. This trip will change him completely and for good, confronting the family destiny, becoming man and hero.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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