Format: Animated feature film

Target: Family

Genre: Adventure / Comedy

Status: In development

Available worldwide


Rodo is an observant, curious, logical and cerebral cat. A little obese and sedentary. Pet of a writer. Rodo can’t even imagine having a dizzying life like other cats lead. He lives indoors surrounded by books and writings. Always sitting on the edge of the window, he watches life go by. Analyze and judge others.


Astor is a street cat, a bum, a slacker, a survivor of asphalt and humidity. He lives in Buenos Aires, and like all Argentines he is a bit of a denier, egotistical, grandiloquent and conceited. He understands that nothing bad can ever happen to him if he sets his mind to it: He’s a cat, he’s always going to land on his feet.



In a neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Astor, a stray cat, loses his penultimate life, wich confronts him with the terrible reality that he only has one left. Anxiety and terror take over him. In search of a solution, he listens to his great friend Rodo, a pet cat, whose domestic life protects him from all the dangers of the city. He has all his lives intact, and has a hard time understanding why Astor doesn’t take care of his own.

Rodo lives with a writer, so he thinks he is wise and intelligent. At his home’s library, there are books about Egypt, about a feline deity, and about different laws for cats. They are immortal and they have a pyramid in their honor where lifes don’t end. Astor believes this is his salvation.

Together they go on a trip in search for that place. Because of the large size of the pyramids they guess that they will not be very hidden. The trip is a total adventure. Astor’s life is in danger more than once, they are chased by Soul-eaters, dark creatures who want to catch him.

They come across different animals that guide and help them. Along the way through the Amazon, they meet Gal, a lonely jaguar, a noble feline soul who lost her own kind due to human neglect. She has nothing left to lose. What they don’t know is that there are a lot of pyramids all across Latin America and it is easy to mistake them for the ones they are searching for.  At some point they lose sight of their goal, they get disappointed and they feel lost and naive.

Astor learns to overcome prejudice, to find wisdom and humility. Only facing death he really manages to value life, always counting with the support of his friends.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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