Format: 21-3’

Target: Kids 6-12

Genre: Edutainment

Status: Released in 2021

Available worldwide

Season 2 in development

Julieta Lanteri (Argentina)

Pioneering feminist who fought firstly for her own right to a university education before turning her attention to social reform. She was the fourth woman to become a medical doctor in Argentina and the first woman to vote, decades before women’s suffrage was granted.A freethinker with a keen eye for a loophole, she didn’t take no for an answer.

Sonia Guimaraes (Brasil)

Brazilian professor at the Aeronautical Institute of Technology and the first black Brazilian woman to be awarded a PhD in Physics. A specialist in infrared radiation and sensors, Dr Guimarães has spent much of her career combating racism and sexism in academia.

Milka Duo (Venezuela)

From Venezuela, Milka studied marine biology and worked as a naval engineer. Not content with making her way in two male dominated fields, she added a third: car racing. And she didn’t settle for just any race. She competed in the 24-hour endurance race held annually in Dayton, Florida and holds the record for the highest finish for a female driver.



“Great Latin American Women” is an animated series which celebrates incredible women from across the region. We have already produced Season 1 comprising 21 short films which tell the stories of 21 amazing women in a fun and accessible way. We now want to create Season 2 to incorporate more stories of daring, pioneering and influential women, past and present.

No two women are alike. They come from different time periods and walks of life, and their contributions are as diverse as their experiences. By telling their stories we can inspire young Spanish speakers from across the American continent and beyond.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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