Format: 13×13’

Target: Kids 6-10

Genre: Comedy / Adventure

Status: Released 2021

Available worldwide


She has everything a pre-teen wants. She is cute, charismatic, and also capricious. Her favourite colour is pink, eating chewing gum becomes an addiction, being fashion a necessity. She lives with her dad and Milton, the cutest boy in school, is her boyfriend. Everything changes the day he breaks her heart. A total darkness catches on her, Gormuth steals her “soul” and darkness embraces her, driving out all optimism. TINA becomes a cynical, dark girl, with no sense of humour and with sensitivity she cannot handle. Her favourite colon is now black. What she expels becomes BLUE, who, over time, ends up to be considered a sister. At times living with BLUE is unbearable, although she understands that it is much more fun than when she was alone.


The luminous part of TINA, separated from her body is called BLUE. She is enthusiastic and happy. But also innocent and knows no evil. Always, find the positive side of things. Blue loves colors, rainbows, unicorns and the sun. She loves the outdoors and finds smiles where others see evil. She adores TINA and her “new” parents.


It is a malicious and powerful figure who tries to “steal” the soul from Tina. It feeds with the darkest thoughts of people and lives in a portal that opens only when emotional instability occurs. Deep down he is sensitive, who only wants company, but his nature governs his malevolent actions. Sometimes he tries to do things right but never learns, it is somehow victim of what people try to hide, and his power is increased by evil in the world.



Our world was corrupted by bad feelings and it is there where a tortured being called GORMUTH lives and feeds on our happiness. His new victim is a pre-teen GORMUTH tries to steal her joy, but something goes wrong: the girl´s personality unfolds in two, BLUE, a cheerful and extroverted girl, and TINA a sulky and apathetic teenager.

Trying to re-unite in a single person, they will discover fantastic supernatural powers, which will be used to help GORMUTH´s victims, though, as long as they save the world they will have to deal with each other and their enormous differences.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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