Format: Animated feature film

Target: R-Rated

Genre: Bio-Drama / Fantasy

Status: In development

Available worldwide


There are ghosts in the house and only Lucía sees them. She plays hide and seek– “they are always needed”–, she understands that God is in the bidet and tells him things. She wants to learn to draw and fight. She enjoys movies and music. The abusive father tints everything, but life and fantasy show her other things, and Lucía, only six years old, insists on being the owner of hers.


Lucía has a conversation with her grand-mother where she learns who is God and that He’s everywhere. Lucía starts a search to find him inside the house, eventually reaching the bidet, believing this is God and engaging in regular conversations with Him.


Lucía can’t remember her life without the mice, even when she didn’t see them, they were there. They’re her imaginary friends, who accompany her and aid her to cope and make some sense of the world she lives in.



LE COUP DE CAFARD is an autobiography that aims to show the early childhood of a survivor of intra-family sexual abuse. Her name is Lucía, she’s an alter ego of the author, Cecilia “Gato” Fernández, this is her real life story. She portrays the relationship with her mother and brother, but also with Alberto, her father and abuser. Lucía is only four years old when the sexual abuses begin, so she resorts to various imaginary friends and crazy fantasies, in order to make some sense of the broken world she lives in.

The bidet is her personal god, she has very strange mice around her all the time and she also imagines herself as a cartoon warrior. There’s one thing she fears the most: cockroaches. Specially when she sees hundreds of them coming out of her body whenever her father enters her room at night. At the end of this book, everything seems to improve, since her mother decides to divorce her father. But even when she lives in another house, the mother forces her to visit her father. The abuses will continue for many years to come. The little warrior girl still has several battles to confront.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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