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COCO (voice and drums)


Her main concern is her parents. DAD Paolo Now! Yalsam’s prisoner. And MOM is always absent minded, like if she was in a whole different world; that is a consequence from NOW!’s constant music. COCO will do her best in order to take care for her mother, free her father from the Yalsam’s clutches, discover the mysterious secret that binds them together and keep the band alive and safe from robots attacks and NOW! precast artists.



He banned all the music in Now!ville. In order to make sure this law is applied he uses a sort of Acoustic Robots police force, programmed to find illegal music in their city and apprehend the culprit. But his greatest obsession is finding COCO’s father, his former teammate KRAKATOA, with whom he had formed the now forgotten duet TAMBORA KRAKATOA. He knows COCO’s father hides among his employees, but until now he could never find him. He fears that if DAD ever starts singing again and shows his talent to the public, his empire will be brought down. Soon his fears will come to life, but not in the way he expected.



These strange beings are the physical representation of Coco's talent and power's source of our heroes. Each of them has a strong and unique personality and represents different musical style. They live in a lysergic and anarchic world with no rules or leaders. Only their impulse guide their lives, meanwhile in Coco's world is totally the opposite because the hellish Paolo Ya! Yalsam exercises the power.


Jump into the Krakatoa World

Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa Krakatoa



In Now!ville music has been forbidden. Or rather… not all the music. The only music that can be heard is the one distributed by the powerful company YA! On top of the great pyramid city, the great "Y" imposes, property of the immensely wealthy: PAOLO NOW! YALSAM.
All inhabitants of Now!ville work for Yalsam one way or another. The company’s music can be heard from every house, every office, every street. Generating a hypnotic effect on people / employees of Now!ville, followed by a horrible unnatural grin of happiness.
But in one of the lower districts of the city will emerge an unexpected rock revolution. A group of children will find the courage to create, to express themselves, to make music, and put together a rock band: KRAKATOA.
Pursued by YALSAM, they must flee the city, heading "The Forgotten Land". So they start a journey through different landscapes, towns and cities, where they will gradually destroy YALSAM!’s power, aiming to go back to NOW!VILLE, and free the city, using the force of courage and rock music.
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